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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects roughly 40% of men over age 40 and 70% of men over age 70, according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. Just because ED is so common, doesn’t mean you have to learn to get used to it. At the practice of Dr’s Frankel, Reed, and Evans, leading urologists Jeffrey M. Frankel, MD; David C. Reed, MD; and Jeffrey L. Evans, MD offer effective ED treatments. You can schedule your ED evaluation at the Burien, Washington clinic directly through the convenient online booking system or by calling the clinic.

ED Q & A

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, refers to an inability to achieve or sustain an erection that’s suitable for sexual intercourse. You may have ED because of:

  • High blood cholesterol
  • Diabetes or hypertension
  • Tobacco use
  • Excess body fat
  • Metabolic syndrome

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is just a side effect of your medications, even over-the-counter varieties or supplements. This is why it’s so important to go over all of your medications with your urologist.

When should I see a doctor about ED?

In some cases, everyday stress, anxiety, or relationship problems can lead to bouts of erectile dysfunction. This is entirely normal. If erectile dysfunction starts affecting you more than half of the time, though, it could be a cause for concern.

Make an appointment at Dr’s Frankel, Reed, and Evans if you experience frequent premature or delayed ejaculation, or if your case of ED is starting to negatively affect your relationship.

How is ED diagnosed?

Generally, your dedicated urologist at Dr’s Frankel, Reed, and Evans can diagnose erectile dysfunction by performing a physical exam and evaluating your medical history. While no single ED test exists, your practitioner could also order some blood tests to check for heart disease, low testosterone, or diabetes, since these conditions are often linked to ED.

Depending on your health, your doctor might request an ultrasound. This imaging test gives your urologist a glimpse of how well blood flows to your penis, as well as the health of blood vessels.  

Which ED treatment do I need?

Because all kinds of underlying issues that affect blood flow could be the culprit, generally treating the issue resolves ED problems. For instance, if your physician determines that you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, lowering your numbers by losing weight and exercising could improve ED issues.

Or if your testosterone is low, you may benefit from starting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Your urologist at Dr’s Frankel, Reed, and Evans could suggest prescription medications. ED drugs work by boosting the effects of nitric oxide, which is the chemical that increases blood flow to your penis and helps penile muscles relax. You have plenty of solutions available to treat ED.

Before living another day with ED, schedule an evaluation at Dr’s Frankel, Reed, and Evans. Book either online or over the phone.